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Aqua tek Plumbing & Heating Ltd   (No Call Out Charge)

Aqua tek Plumbing & Heating Ltd has been providing emergency plumbing services in East London since 1998. Our team is dedicated to provide supreme customer services and quality workmanship. Due to the exceptional skills of our plumbers, we are able to provide 12 month guarantee of boiler repairs to the residents of East London. Our emergency plumbers are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to address the needs of their clients properly. We are gas registered plumber and also a member of energy efficiency. It is extremely important to do some research before finalizing the installation and repairing of central heating system. Several factors including pricing and quality must be considered in advance.  Latest boilers come up with space saving mechanism and also reduce carbon footprint. Our plumber is well equipped with latest tools to handle any kind of task efficiently and effectively.  They offer one stop plumbing solutions for burst pipes, boiler installation and boiler repair in East London. The best part of our boiler service is that we offer it at very competitive pricing. We want to make sure that everyone can easily afford our services. One of our local plumbers will be at your premises in no time to take immediate steps to fix your problem. They will act as your reliable adviser in all the matters related to annual boiler servicing in East London. In case, more time is needed to get the replacement part, they will advise temporary solution. Our aim is to treat customers in such a way that they go no to recommend us to others. Team of local plumber is well trained and organized. Professionalism and vast experience enable them to meet and exceed the level of expectations of clients. Moreover, we provide pricing estimates to all our clients and do not take any call out charges.

Boiler Services

Emergency plumber will visit your place to perform thorough inspection. Gas safe plumbers will carry out boiler repairs on all common units including system boilers and back boilers. In case you are not satisfied with the work, each gas safe plumber will do full boiler installations in East London. Whether it is a matter of breakdown or boiler replacement in East London, Aquatek Plumbing & Heating Ltd will also be your ultimate place of comfort. You will be glad to rely on the skills of our boiler installers and boiler engineers of East London. Combi boiler is better than regular boiler due to its space saving ability. It works according to the mechanism of heating hot water on demand thus eliminating the need of hot water tank in the cupboard whereas conventional new boiler requires cold water tank in the loft. Combi boiler also takes care of central heating system. We suggest hiring boiler installer or boiler engineer for the selection of the most suitable boiler in East London. Power flushing is an ideal way of removing dirt from central heating systems. We use high and low pressure flushing to flush chemicals. In order to avoid further damage, on time power flushing is recommended

Landlord certificates are also available at decent price anywhere in East London.

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