Avoiding Boiler Repair in West London Via Boiler Maintenance

Avoiding Boiler Repair in West London Via Boiler Maintenance

March 9th, 2018 by Zain

Are you also making use of a central heating boiler at your home in West London? It is such an integral part of our homes, right? For something that’s so crucial to maintaining our comfort level the boilers do break down a lot and quite often. Many people ask why boilers require repair so often and the answer is quite simple; like every other system, boiler systems also require regular maintenance.

The boiler system works tirelessly to maintain your home temperature and is subject to wear and tear. If you’re not providing it with the care that it needs, you’re welcoming boiler repair on your own! Apart from that, many homeowners have to employ the services of plumbers for boiler repair because of improper boiler installation in West London. In order to save cost, many homeowners tend to rely on non-professional services and the pay prices later on.

We suggest that you hire a reliable West London plumber for boiler installation to tackle the proper installation front. As for the repair work that stems from usage of the boiler, check out the following tips for maintaining your boiler and postponing repair.

boiler repair in west London


Regularly Clean Air Vents and Flues

If you’re noticing a spike in your energy bills, chances are the reason is a faulty boiler. According to companies that provide service of boiler repair in West London, gas central heating boilers lose their efficiency because it’s been a while since the air vents and flues have been cleared. Dirt is accumulated over time in air vents and flues, blocking the air passage to the boiler and thus affecting the boiler’s efficiency.

Be Cautious About Water Level

According to reliable boiler repair services in West London, homeowners should regularly check their boiler on a biweekly basis (when the pilot light is on) for water level. Many new boilers come equipped with a safety feature that monitors the water level and adds water when the water level drops to a certain mark. For those of you who aren’t aware; a boiler working without sufficient water in it can start a fire. The latest boilers come with the added feature of safety where the boiler shuts off when the water level drops too low to avoid an accident.

Inspect the Boiler for Leaks

Boiler leaks are also a major reason for causing damage to the boiler system. That’s why companies that offer boiler repair in West London strongly advise that you check the boiler for any leaks. If you want to check your boiler for leaks, turn the thermostat to a high temperature. This turns the boiler on and you’ll be able to spot any leaks. You should also regularly check the floor around the boiler, boiler’s main vent and any of the exposed pipe joints. Also, inspect radiators in each room for leaks. If you spot a leak, call in professionals to fix it!

Flush Your Boiler Once Every 6 Months

If you experience hard water issues in your area, we suggest that your flush your boiler once every 6 months. Call in a boiler repair company in West London for flushing your boiler. Hard water has many minerals that are deposited in the boiler and cause scaling. This scaling is responsible for decreasing the boiler’s energy efficiency and also causes harm to the inner components of your boiler system.

Professional Annual Maintenance Service Is a Must

There’s a lot you can do on your own to prolong the life of boiler; regular maintenance being the key to success here. However, nothing that you do will come close to hiring a professional boiler service servicing your boiler and inspecting it for any damages or issues. A licensed and experienced West London plumber can carry out an in-depth boiler inspection thus ensuring that it is safe and operating at its optimal efficiency.

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