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Starting up a new business is a big risk. You have to focus on every detail, keeping one eye on the previous records and the other on upcoming expenditures. You have to deal with many paper works, documents, and business accounts to set up a great business. Do not take much stress and take help from the experienced accountants in Oldham.

Our trained professionals can handle your business accounts so that you do not have to. We understand your stress, which is why we are here to share your burden. With us, you just need to focus on expanding your business while we take care of rest.

From accounts preparation, bookkeeping, tax payment, to cash flow management, we can do it all. Our chartered accountants are reliable, honest, and trustworthy. We secure you and your business.

Affordable & Reliable Accountants’ Services

No matter how small or big your business is, we assist you and make managing it easy. You can secure your business with our services that include:

Accounts Preparation

Bookkeeping Services

Business Advice

Business Development

Business Liquidation

Business Plans

Business Recovery

Business Start-Ups

Business Tax

Capital Gains Tax

Cash flow Management

Company Accounts

Company Formation

Corporation tax

Income tax

Management Accounts

Personal Tax

Sole Traders

Tax Returns

VAT Returns

Tax Advisers

Payroll Services

VAT Tax Returns in Oldham

Our services also include VAT return services. We help you in running a flawless business to avoid any inconvenience. If you are confused about your VAT tax returns, feel free to talk to our tax advisors for better results.

Corporation tax

Every company in the UK has to pay to corporation tax for their taxable profits earned during the sales and investments. It varies with the location of the headquarters. If the limited company headquarter is in the UK and working abroad, it has to pay the tax on overall earned profit. Whereas if the headquarter is not the UK, then you only have to pay for the branch profit.

Corporation tax service includes:

Computations and modification of company accounts

Preparation of CT600 corporation tax returns form

Tax Planning and review of tax claims

Requesting and calming of various tax reliefs

Keeping a check on tax deadlines

Submission of tax to HMRC (online)

Interest deductibility

Cash Flow Management

The cash flow management needs the expertise to handle it because all the business income and outgoing depending on your cash. We help you maintain and update your cash flow for the business to understand the business liquidations as well as to take financial decisions.

Cash flow Statements

According to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), all the cash flow and cash equivalent statements should be part of any company’s cash flow statement. This includes cash on hand, demand deposit, short-term investments, as well as overdrawn bank balance.

There are two methods of preparing the statement.

Direct Method – based on cash receipts and payments

Indirect Method – based on profits or loss

If you have ever borrowed any debt for your business, that should not be included in cash flow statements.

Benefit of Preparing Cash Flow Statement

The major goal while preparing cash flow statements is to increase the use of funds.

It also helps to speed up the work and keep yourself safe from unnecessary payments

It reduces the idle balance.

It minimizes the operational cost, time, and company’s involvement in managing the process.

Cooperate Payroll Services

We provide an easy solution to deal with your employees’ wages on the monthly or weekly basis. Our accountants can provide pay slips and keep the record summary of the payroll of your workers. We keep our service up-to-date so that you can work on other things.

Our payroll services include:

Setting up a payroll management system

Administration of payroll records

Payslip preparation

Filing under RTI

Dealing with PAYE and NI

Assistance with auto-enrolment

Effective payroll management

Why Choose Our Accountancy Service

Qualified Accountants

Accounting is a lot more than just counting numbers. Do not hire an unqualified person that drops the value of your business instead of raising it up. We are not one of them because our team is highly experienced in their field. They interact with each person for the payroll issues and manage all the records accordingly.

Understand your business

First, you need to understand your business then hire a person to handle your business accounts. Professionals like us can do the job well. Whether your business is small or large, every step we take will satisfy your needs.

Be on the same page

Before starting the work, we make sure that the company representative and our team are on the same page. Understanding both teams is essential in order to get the desired results.

It is better to hire a professional accountant because the business owner has many things to focus on and neglecting this aspect can lead you to make wrong decisions. Our cheap accountants in Oldham help you achieve best company formation.

Fix an appointment with our certified accountants for your business accounts today and relax.

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They really made me handle my business better! Thank you guys for such amazing advice.

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