Expert Pest Control Services

While some animals and pests are beneficial for the humans, there are many pests that can be a nuisance. They can infect the place and do damage to the furniture and other goods in the house. Due to this, the pest control services are in high demand. Instead of going for the first pest control company that comes your way, you should take reliable pest control services from us. At Local IBS, we link expert workforce with latest pest control techniques to ensure high-quality results. With more than forty years of experience in the field of pest control, insect control and rodent control, we take pride in completing thousands of residential and commercial projects.

Our Services

We provide residential, commercial and industrial pest control services in various parts of London including Plumstead. We provide different pest control services including but not limited to:

Residential Pest Control

We offer high-quality residential pest control services in all parts of London. Our competitively priced packages are aimed to provide world-class services at low prices. We offer diverse pest control services which ensure that your family members live in a healthy environment.

Insect control

There are more than 300 different species of insects in the United Kingdom. While some insects attacks wood in the house, there are different types of insects that can be harmful to the humans. We offer chemical and biological pest control services to the customers who are looking for a clean and healthy environment in their house.

Feral Animal Controls

It is very difficult to keep the house safe from mice and rodent infestations but timely pest control can help you to keep your house clean for a long time. We offer non-toxic and toxic methods to remove these rodents from the house. We value the privacy of the members of the house and try to complete the pest control process as soon as possible with minimum disturbance.

Commercial Pest Control

Our tailored commercial pest control services are aimed at businesses of all nature. We provide high-end pest control services to restaurants, hotels, and corporate offices. Our unmarked trucks ensure that all the work is completed in a discreet fashion. Whether you need insect control or rodent control services in your commercial offices, our qualified professionals will take care of it. Safety is our number one priority and our expert professionals go through rigorous training exercises that help them to provide high-end services while keeping the safety of people in mind.

Why you need our professional pest control services?

If you are experiencing animal and pest problems, then taking professional help is beneficial for you. Some people try to tackle the problem by themselves and end up making it more disastrous. Some benefits of taking our professional pest control services are

Time saving

We provide emergency pest control services in different parts of the town. Our trained professionals will make sure that the pest control process is completed in a timely fashion which ensure less downtime in office

Long lasting

Some people may be able to tackle the pests on their own using over the counter pest control products but after some days, they experience the same problem. With the help of industrial chemicals and latest pest control techniques, our services ensure that your residential and commercial buildings will be free from pests and rodents for a long time.


A person may experience different health issues when they try to take on the pest and animals without proper safety equipment. Our reliable professionals are always equipped with necessary tools and safety equipment that ensures the safety of your family.

Diverse Services

Our expert professionals are trained in handling different types of animals and pests. With our services, your house will be free from rodents, flies, cockroaches, and termites. Different types of pests are catered using different techniques and our tailored services are designed to ensure the safety of your family and coworkers.

Pest Control Tips

Apart from using professional pest control services to get rid of pests from the house, you should also keep these tips in mind to keep the house clean from the pest for a long time.

Keep the house clean

You should always dispose dirty laundry and dishes and make sure that the carpets are regularly cleaned. By doing this, your house will become prone to different pests and you will require less pest control services. You should also clean the garbage bins regularly to avoid the mice and insect infestations.

Use borax mixture

There are different chemicals that can keep your house safe from pests and other insects. Using the borax mixture in different places in the house can keep your house clean from insects and other rodents. You can also use the hairspray to kill the bees and flies in the commercial or residential building.

Avoid dampness in-house

Dampness in the house can serve as the gateway for different pest and rodent infestations. Fix all the leaks and plumbing issues in the house and get your house inspected by the pest control companies to keep your family members safe from different diseases caused by pests. If you have birds in the house, make sure that you change the water in the bird bath regularly.

Use pesticides

Using pesticides to clear the house of ants and termites can be a good idea but you should always consult the professionals from Local IBS before using pesticides. Certain pesticides are harmful to humans as well.

Are you looking for expert pest control services in Plumstead and surrounding area, just give us a call and experience hassle-free pest control services. We provide emergency pest control services round the clock. Our customer support staff is friendly and dependable and will guide you in all matters of pest control. The technicians will be dispatched to your location in a swift manner which ensures the safety of you and your family members. You can contact us at for queries regarding different types of rodents and insects.