Finding Reliable Plumbers in North London for Boiler Repair

Finding Reliable Plumbers in North London for Boiler Repair

March 12th, 2018 by Zain

Regardless of whether you own a new boiler or are relying on the decade-old boiler in North London, your boiler will require repair. Why? Because boilers are constantly working in our homes and with the wear & tear, there’s bound to be some damage. You can regularly carry out maintenance of your boiler but that will only postpone repair work, not completely take it out of the equation. We do suggest that you hire annual services from Gas Safe registered plumbers for your boiler maintenance.

Even if you consider yourself a DIY expert and have a number of successful projects under your belt, be warned; boiler is no ordinary system and can be quite harmful if dealt with an amateur. It is always wise to rely on professional plumbers in North London for your boiler repair. People who have attempted a DIY repair on their boilers or hired handyman services have had horrific experiences. Our advice? Be smart and don’t put your safety on the line just so that you can save some money, contact reliable plumbers in your area right away for your boiler repair.

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Discovering a Fault in Your Boiler

A complete boiler breakdown, water leakage or high/ low-pressure readings on the boiler are general indications of a fault in your boiler that needs to be repaired right away. If your insurance covers the boiler breakdowns and their subsequent repair, contact them without any delay and they’ll be happy to take the problem off of your hands. Generally, insurance companies in North London have services of
North London plumbers
at their disposal and will contract them for your boiler repair.

However, some insurers leave the task of hiring plumbers in North London to the client. In such cases, they will require that you hire a plumber (professional), get a quote and receipts that will eventually be paid to you by the insurer.

If you do not have insurance and your boiler breaks down, don’t worry; simply call one of the many reliable emergency plumber services in North London and they’ll take it from there.

Hiring a Plumber in North London

For cases where you have to hire a plumber on your own, we suggest that you follow the following guidelines to ensure a reliable and speedy repair. It is important to hire registered and qualified plumbers for your boiler repair or any sort of plumbing works. Check out the points to consider when hiring a plumber below;


The plumbers you’re hiring for your boiler repair should be Gas Safe registered to work on a gas boiler. Make sure you ask for their certifications and check them for authenticity.


Experience matters when you’re looking for dependable services in North London. You don’t want your boiler to be training ground for amateurs and non-professionals. Therefore, make sure that the plumbers you’re hiring are experienced and understand what they are doing and do it effectively and efficiently.

Check Reviews

Ideally speaking, you should always perform a little research on local North London plumbers when you’re hiring one for the first time. Check online for reviews to see how satisfied customers are with particular plumbing services and how the plumbing service resolves issues of customers.


Do not, we repeat; do not hire a plumbing service just because it has the lowest quote. If you have a plumbing service that’s charging you too low for a service when compared with other local plumbers, chances are this plumbing service is cutting corners. Always compare quotes and hire the plumber with relevant experience and good reviews.

We wish you luck with your boiler repair!

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