London Pizza Depot

Mouth-Watering Halal Pizza Treats From All Around The World

With such a miscellaneous pizza menu, our staff strives for scrumptious excellence in each pizza they bake. Our staff makes efforts to bake every pizza to achieve the epitome of tour de force. We have got the pizza recipes from about 11 countries. From New York to Jamaica, our menu includes pizzas that consist of nuances of all around the world.

Our staff is well-practiced and skilled to preserve the local essence of the recipes while baking the pizzas at your favorite halal pizza restaurant in Clayhall.

We have got 7”, 10”, 12” & 14” pizzas in these flavors for you:

  • Caribbean Hot
  • Fajita Fiesta
  • Piri-Piri Pow-Pow
  • Chik Tik Masala
  • Fluffy Falafel
  • Greek Goddess
  • Mmm… Margherita
  • Spicy Nduja Sausage
  • NYC Hot Dawg & Many More!

We are distinguished on our outstanding pizza-baking process that includes hand-stretching the doughs, using fresh & local ingredients, and then baking the pizza until the crusts are light and fluffy.

Accompanied with delectable sides, drinks, and satisfying desserts, our pizzas are what you need to savor every night! We use 100% Halal ingredients so there is no reason why you should tantalize your taste buds anymore!

So, order now instore, online, over the phone, and through our delivering partners Just Eat and Uber Eats.

Hurry up now, the menu of these halal pizzas is long and your taste buds deserve to try everything on it!

Paying Heed To Your Particularities Is Our Utmost Aim

We make sure that we leave no stone unturned while fulfilling the particularities of our customers’ orders.

We use 100% Halal ingredients in every pizza that we bake. From dough to the topping, everything we use is Halal-certified. Moreover, while making Vegan recipes, our staff ensures the use of 100% vegan ingredients.

Apart from it, our friendly and helpful staff guides our customers properly so that they can place their order astutely. Our staff guides the customers about the allergens & ingredients used in the recipes so that they can be sure of what they are ordering.

We care about our customers’ experience more than anything. So, we fairly brief them about the risk of cross-contamination (if any) beforehand. This is one of our efforts that illustrate our preference to bring about maximum customer satisfaction.

Our shrewd attention towards our customers’ particularities makes us the best halal pizza restaurant in Clayhall. So, contact us now for pizza dine-in, takeaway, or delivery!

Artisan Pizza

If you are looking for none but the finest pizzas in Clayhall, there is no place better than London Pizza Depot. We make artisan pizzas that involve the centuries-old method of baking and using only the up-to-the-mark ingredients. We make sure that our customers get the best!

Halal Pepperoni Pizza

Do pepperoni pizzas seem mouth-watering to you, but you cannot have them because they are not halal?

Well, no need to worry when the best halal pizza restaurant in your area is here for you!

Contact us now to relish halal pepperoni pizzas at the most reasonable rates!

Affordable Halal Pizza

Are you compromising on delighting your taste buds just because halal pizzas seem expensive? They are not. At London Pizza Depot, you will get the highest-quality mouth-watering halal pizzas at the most reasonable rates. So, contact us now!

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