Caregivers Who Are There For Your Everyday Needs in Beckenham!

TU Care is a family run service that has accomplished to maintain a family valued environment during the 10 years of experience. We are the caregivers whom you can trust and rely on. We strive for the betterment and happiness of people living in Beckenham. You don’t have to go anywhere for your comfort anymore because our care agents will visit you on a regular or daily basis for making you feel relaxed and serving you with the best care. Our caregivers work 365 days a year in order to cater you with their experienced and supportive ways.

Our Services

There is a lot through which we deal with in our daily lives. Old age is the main factor of needing a quality home care service but we are beyond that as we aim to serve a larger population of every age as well as to the elderly. We offer free home visits for your assistance on a daily or weekly basis. Our caregivers understand that there can be a lot to do when offering caregiving services including cleaning, preparation of meals, and hygiene care. Our visits are majorly for knowing you more closely to determine your needs in Beckenham. We offer these following services:

  • Rehabilitation care services
  • Personal care
  • Emergency medical care
  • Respite care
  • Domestic care
  • Physical disability care
  • End of life care

Rehabilitation Care Services

We will help you improve and feel better during a medical recovery or from a minor to major surgery with or exceptional caregiving services. With our support, you are surely going to recover fast then you would have without us.

Personal Care

For a dignified and personalized care service that will suit all your requirements, we are a home care agency that has the most experienced and well-mannered caregivers who will be there whenever you need them for an elderly care service.

Emergency Medical Care

Any unexpected medical emergency can occur anytime. Our stroke care and nursing care can be your support to help you get better as soon as possible. We have nurses and caregivers that are well equipped with medical knowledge in order to provide you with the best care.

Respite Care

We also have respite care services especially for our caregivers and their family members so that they can take a short break. These breaks make our caregivers able to maintain the quality of their work.

Domestic Care

Our domestic care is the best way to help you out in your routine household chores in Beckenham. We can assist you in house cleaning, laundry, and shopping during our visits.

Physical Disability Care

As a matter of age or due to some other medical condition, if you are suffering from a physical disability, we will care for you. You will no longer be devoid of mobility as our care agents will also manage that.

End Of Life Care

The last stage of anyone’s life is very critical and we aim to give the person with the peace of ending his life in the presence of his loved ones and family members.

Why You Should Hire Us

  • We have an extensive experience of 10 years
  • We run a family owned business with family values
  • Our caregivers work 365 days a year
  • We offer free home visits
  • Our staff is experienced and supportive
  • Discounted rates on service above 6 hours

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