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What’s this smell? It smells like Mama is cooking something. You’re not half wrong because Mama’s Pizza & Pasta is making delicious pizza in Croydon. Our pizza is a treat to your tastebuds. Who doesn’t like pizza? For pizza lovers, we are bringing exciting and amazing flavours with our special recipe that will make you go “mmhmm” for sure. Our original recipe with our fresh tomato sauce and hand-tossed pizza dough with your favourite topping- it's mouthwatering right? Search for "order online pizza," and when our pizza shop pops up, you know where to book your order. Ordering pizza online is toothsome, and you know it!

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Feeling hungry? Grab your cellphone and type "order fast food online Croydon." Getting any suggestions for pizza deals or pizza delivery? Yep, there we are! Go to our website and choose your favourite fast food from our menu. We will get your food delivered in no time! Don’t make your tastebuds wait for so long and start your search for the "best online pizza," and we are on the list. Choose your favourite pizza, add your favourite toppings, and voila, we are on our way with your oven-hot pizza. Before leaving our website, leave your order first!

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Pizza and Pasta Menu with 24 Hour Delivery

Online Mama's Classic Pizza in Croydon

Online Pizza Delivery (Mama's Classic Pizzas)

Tomato sauce, hand-tossed dough, and cheese are the three main ingredients for a classic Italian-style pizza. It smells so good, but guess how does it taste like? Order yours now!

Online Mama's Spicy Chicken in Croydon

Order Online Pizza (Mama's Spicy Chicken)

Want something hot? How about spicy chicken strips dressed with red & green peppers, jalapeños, and red onions with a drizzle of spicy chili sauce? It’s smoking hot, right? Book your order right away!

Online Mama's Vegetarian Pizza in Croydon

Best Pizza (Vegetarian Delight)

We have a treat for those who don’t like meat. Our vegetarian delight comes with onions, green peppers, mushrooms, fresh tomatoes, and sweet corn. Every bite is bursting with flavour. Leave your order!

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You can get a pizza on every other corner of the street, but does your pizza restaurant make pizza as good as we do? We doubt that! Mama’s Pizza & Pasta offers pizza and fast food like no other. Don’t wait, and give us a try!

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If you want to order pizza Croydon-based restaurant, then don’t look any further than us. We are the winners of the PAPA Industry Awards from 2018–2020 because of our quality and taste. It starts with our fresh tomato sauce, hand-tossed dough, and then decorating it with your favourite topping and cheese. Burst your hunger with our delicious pizza deals. Search for pizza numbers Croydon and call us!

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