We provide special placement service for your business in the categories and cities or areas you select. This means that not a single competitor of your will appear in our business directories that are found on the first page of the large search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. If you partner with us with the $198 initial fee, we will not sell out our service to any other business similar as yours to make sure that your business’sexclusivity.

It is not our policy to cross market, advertise or even run Adwords on your business’s special placement page. We never let you down, when we get you on the first page of search engines, your business stay there until our search engine placement subscription is active.

We are really proud of our search engine placement technology we love to work with only one good client from each industry and each city as well. Have you ever submitted or advertised on places such as yellow pages and at the end your business listing was among 250 other business listings? Certainly we don’t prefer that either, so we are working with different rules.

You might be thinking that if we have already a client having similar business as yours? Just call us now and find out.
If there is an empty space in our directories for your business in your city or other nearby cities, make it yours. Stop waiting before it’s too late.