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How To Update An Old Kitchen On A Budget In The UK? (2024)

  By - Eagan Taylor    On Dec 08, 2023

How To Update An Old Kitchen On A Budget In The UK? (2024)

Updating an old kitchen on a budget in the UK includes changing the flooring, shelving, and better lighting. You can invest in adding an innovative colour play to update an old kitchen on a budget in the UK. Nobody likes cooking in a kitchen that looks like it belongs to the 90’s era. These years have come across a whole change in the perception regarding updating the kitchens.

This is the reason that kitchen renovation has become cheaper and more accessible than ever before. People have realized that they do not always have to go beyond their budget for such tasks anymore. All it takes is basic smartness to retrieve the lost spark of your cooking space in a budget-smart way.

To break it down for beginners, we have come up with a handy guide to make it all a piece of cake. You do not have to look further anymore for ways to zhuzh up your kitchen without going beyond your means. Keep scrolling to read further to perk up your kitchen without breaking the bank;

How To Update An Old Kitchen On A Budget In The UK?

Gone are the days when you would have to spend an arm and a leg for your kitchen upgrade. This is the 21st century, and like all other industries, this industry too has gone through a whole evolution.

From coming up with exciting colour combinations to flooring choices, there are a lot of things that you can do to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your place without putting your budget at stake. There are certain tasks as changing the tap that you can do on your own. However, some jobs like flooring or tiling may call for professional help.

To make it all simpler for you, we have come up with the top 5 cheap updates that can help you throughout this journey. Explore them down below;

5 Cheap Updates That Will Transform A Tired Kitchen:

  • Add Texture With Tiling:

Texture With Tiling Updates to Transform a Kitchen

Adding texture with tiling is what you need to perk up your kitchen without spending a fortune. The best thing about tiling is that you have a lot of room to choose from. You can go for brighter colours, different designs, or intriguing patterns. Tiling can be a good choice to consider if your kitchen is exposed to high content of moisture.

Tiles are capable of putting up with intense moisture levels, unlike the other options. When it comes to kitchens, using tiles will ensure that you can clean them easily since tiles can maintain their shine even after scratches and splashes.

Moreover, the tiles are also heat-resistant. This means that you can use them around the oven or stovetop without any fear. If anything, they can also increase the safety element of your cooking space.

This is the same reason that they can put up with hot pots and pans without coming across any irreversible damage. This is something you should be investing in without giving second thoughts!

  • Opt For Open Shelving

Opting for open shelving can bring an airy feel to your kitchen. This is what you need if you have a small kitchen and you are trying to increase its functionality. These shelves are the easiest way to do Kitchen Makeovers On A Budget UK since they provide you with an opportunity to display your glassware or decorative items in a budget-friendly way.

Gone are the days when you would have to make your peace with substandard kitchen renovation ideas. The biggest factor about these shelves is that you can choose wooden or metallic shelves as per the theme of your kitchen.

Apart from looking appealing, these shelves can also enhance convenience during cooking time. It is because you do not have to indulge in that cyclic opening and closing of cabinet doors anymore.

Moreover, they can also help in making your kitchen look larger and less cramped. The design of these shelves can add the illusion of more space in your kitchen. This is the reason that they have become such a huge hit!

  • Add New Lighting To Your Kitchen Cabinets:

New Lighting To Your Kitchen Cabinets

Adding new lighting to your kitchen cabinets can increase the visibility factor like nothing else. This is the best idea especially if your Kitchen Cabinets get limited light, and it becomes hard for you to find the stuff. Using new and better lighting ensures that you get the task done without compromising on the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen.

Let it be pendant lighting or the battery-operated one, this is the idea that you need to stick by to update your kitchen without compromising on your means. You do not have to rely on outdated kitchen upgrade options when such options are available in the industry.

One more benefit of this lighting is that it can showcase the contents especially if you have glass-fronted cabinets. This is the opportunity you have been waiting for so long to display your fine China dinner set.

Moreover, these lights can also help in creating a cosy and inviting atmosphere in your kitchen. You can also rely on this one if you want to enhance the overall design layout of your kitchen in a budget-smart way.


  • Change Your Kitchen Flooring

Changing your kitchen flooring is what you need to do away with the dull and drab atmosphere of your kitchen. It is the flooring that has to put up with everyday damage. This is the reason that the smartest option is to explore different options before you invest in one. A good kitchen flooring can help you update a kitchen on a budget.

You can consider laminate or even vinyl kitchen floor especially if you are on a tight budget. Tiles are also a good choice, especially if you can compromise a little bit on the financial side. This can be an exciting idea to restore the exciting vibe of your kitchen without burdening yourself with extensive renovation charges.

Likewise, for the people who are thinking of putting their house on sale shortly, it can be just as much a good choice. This one aspect increases your Home’s Value In The Best Way Possible. This is why experts suggest frugality on all other kitchen update ideas, except this one.

  • Throw Out Your Old Tap

Throwing out your old tap can be the easiest way to improve your kitchen’s functionality. It is because the market is swamped with updated and latest tap designs that follow recent innovations. The best thing about them is that the pressure setting can also help in saving more water in comparison to the conventional ones.

This is the feature that is available in taps that carry flow restrictors. This can be a reliable way to update your kitchen while choosing the environment-friendly options.

These days, there are taps present in the market that come with built-in filtration systems. This will help you get better quality water without spending on extravagant water filters. The very fact that even taps come in a variety of designs and price ranges tells how conveniently they can play a big role in your kitchen’s update.

Relying on the typical rotatory taps has become a thing of the past. This is high time you explored other options that can cost less and still make your kitchen look better than ever before.


In conclusion, it is easy to go for kitchen makeovers UK without spending a fortune. It has become an old notion that these services may require you to spend hundreds of bucks. With the right approach, you do not have to overspend on such services, and you can still get the job done.

These are the little things as adding lights to your cabinets, or even shopping for open shelves that can make a huge difference. Now these are the jobs that you can do even by yourself. For more complicated ones, such as changing the whole flooring or adding new tiling are the services for which you might have to hire a professional.

However, for the convenience and ease they provide, they are worth every buck of your hard-earned money. Now that the festive season is around the corner, wait no more and get ready to give a new life to your dull kitchen!

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