What Are the 3 Types of Architects?

  By - Eagan Taylor    On Jan 18, 2023

What Are the 3 Types of Architects?

Before enlisting in architect services, you should know that there is more than one kind of architect. That’s right! This lack of knowledge is commonplace in the field as homeowners and commercial building owners generally believe architects to be designers rather than those that actually have to handle building control certificates and guarantees, make construction drawings, and even control site budgets!

To season you more on architecture, you should know that an architect is not only someone who develops, designs, and supervises building construction but, they also offer services related to the planning of structures with a primary focus on human habitation or usage, as well as the spaces within and around such structures.

They must, among other things, manage building control certificates and guarantees, check that structures adhere to health and safety regulations, and produce planning licences. In spite of this important role, 79% of people in a study of 2,031 conducted by UK’s Architect’s Journal on building safety were unaware that architects are also responsible for making sure the structures of the buildings correspond with safety rules.

Whether you need residential, commercial or restoration architectural services, choosing the one best suited for your safety and building requirements is essential. Read on to discover the benefits of hiring an architect and the various fields within the industry to get started on your next project right away!

Types of Architects

People understand the importance of great design, and an architect guarantees a building's structural soundness in addition to its aesthetic appeal. An architect, however, is neither a wizard or a master builder; instead, there are several kinds who specialise in diverse areas, including residential architecture, commercial architecture, and restoration-based architecture.

Residential Architect

Residential architects create and construct homes and other non-commercial structures. They work with clients to create unique houses or make renovations to already-existing ones. Additionally, they collaborate with developers and house builders. There are many different types of residential architecture, such as townhouses, villas, and apartment buildings. Prior to beginning to develop plans, facades, and schemes, residential architects take notice of the operational and structural necessities.

Though more conventional architects still design by hand and develop the plans that the builders will use to construct the domestic structure, residential architects often make their drawings and scale to size using computer software. Although architects spend most of their time at their offices, they regularly visit the job site to ensure that everything is proceeding according to plan.The price of their labour, the amount of building materials needed, and the time needed to finish the job are also estimated by the architect.

Commercial Architect

A commercial architect is a certified expert who creates buildings and structures for business and non-residential use, including stores, offices, factories, shopping malls, clinics, resorts, and athletic or leisure facilities. Meeting with customers to discuss their desires, such as architectural specifications or desirable sites, is a typical initial stage in a design phase.

An architect frequently provides a timeline for the start of construction after the initial client meetings and creates drawings and concepts to provide clients a picture of each project. An architect moves on to the next phase of the project if the client approves the concept, which often requires creating specific designs, finances, and timetables as well as holding contractor conferences. These experts manage architectural projects after creating homes, ensuring that the contractors are doing their job and following the blueprint along with building codes.

Restoration Architect

Restoration architecture is a planned and controlled preservation of old towns and structures. The preservation of historical works has several benefits. The most obvious one is that these structures  are popular tourist destinations. Architects  must grasp a building's characteristics, historical relevance, and structural requirements before beginning work on it.

The next stage is to create a thorough improvement plan for restoration that won't compromise the building's stability and authentic attributes. Among the duties of restoration architects are the creation of reports, models, illustrating suggested solutions, renditions, budget estimating, technical specifications, and procurement papers.

Benefits of Hiring an Architect

Understanding your needs

An architect can grasp your concept for your home or business using both technical and aesthetic approaches. They will assist you in planning and even in determining how to get the most out of your property. Additionally, they guarantee that your property's architecture complies with local and state laws and building rules.

Perfect Design

The most evident advantage of employing an architect is probably that they will produce superior designs that are free of inexperience-related mistakes. They will assist you in outlining every aspect, such as the budget, the structural integrity, the construction laws and zoning regulations, and the aesthetic elements. They can present a clear vision for you since they have received training in the best methods for producing outstanding design.


It goes without saying that making improvements to your house or creating a place that stands out from the other homes in your neighbourhood can raise its worth. Therefore, investing in an architect is a wise move. They can design a large area on a tight budget and come up with innovative solutions to your challenging and one-of-a-kind concerns. Utilise architects to create a house that is both affordable and marketable.

Amazing Resources

An architect can help you coordinate with the best team to complete the project successfully since they have experience working with a variety of contractors. They will ensure that the construction phase follows the initial vision you had for your house, while also ensuring that the project remains within the parameters of the budget, chosen dimensions, and functionality.

Peace of Mind

Your life will be easier if you hire an architect. A reliable architect is essential since constructing a new home is a protracted and complicated procedure. They'll serve as a go-between for you and your contractor, helping you with difficult decisions and even representing you during negotiations. They are going to assure you that they are advocates and ensure that the design is accomplished.


The value of architecture goes beyond design because in reality, an architect acts as an agent for the future of your home and lifestyle. An architect will consider not only your design needs but your requirements as homeowners or commercial residents. They have the knowledge, skills, and expertise you need to successfully complete the building process from beginning to end. The value you receive will go beyond mere visual gratification, and you'll get the most for your buck. Hiring an architect with exceptional thinking and reasoning abilities in addition to their extraordinary attention to detail can help you have a secure and effective house that is suited to your demands in terms of affordability and function!

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