The 6 Best Cheap Hotels in London for Family and Kids

  By - Eagan Taylor    On Sep 18, 2023

The 6 Best Cheap Hotels in London for Family and Kids

London is one of the most famous towns and a great travel destination. A large number of people visit it frequently from around the world to escape the pressures of their regular lives due to its rich history in the arts and literature and its breathtaking structure. There are many crucial locations within the city of London that convey calm and luxury to people's eyes and pleasure to their hearts.

It's critical that you go to these locations when you're there to recharge your soul.

It is important to have a comfy place to relax after travelling all day. Your body and mind get tired, so it's essential that you relax in snug and peaceful surroundings after a strenuous day of sightseeing in London. In this blog, you will learn about the Best Hotels in London inside the metropolitan area of London.

You'll know exactly what to do to help you plan your dream vacation in the most efficient way possible when you are done reading this blog.

What are the best cheap hotels in London?

Looking for “cheap rooms near me” for rent in London to have some rest while you are travelling or sightseeing? So while looking for cheap hotels in London, there are a few things that you have to keep in mind. You should never compromise on quality for affordability; similarly, it's important that you do some research before settling down on your final choice;

This gives you a lot of options that you can compare and go on to pick the best out of them!

The picks included in our list offer both Prime Accommodation and location, so no matter which compass point of the Big Smoke you’re planning to temporarily install yourself, we’ve got you and your wallet covered, leaving you some spare cash to splash on extortionately priced tipples in London’s trendy bars.

6 Best Cheapest Hotels in London:

After carefully analysing all your available options, you have come to the conclusion that the six cheapest hotels in London are for your convenience and have a cheap room London rent. This can be helpful in helping your trip become a memorable journey that will keep on shaping your memories forever. So here is a list of six of the most exciting budget hotels you can find in the city of London.

  1. The Gresham Hotel in Paddington
  2. The Phoenix Hotel in Bayswater/Paddington
  3. Alexandra Hotel   
  4. St Athans Hotel
  5. Saint George’s Hotel
  6. Soho Garden Apartments
  • The Gresham Hotel in Paddington

In one of London's most upscale neighbourhoods, the Gresham hotel is located in a meticulously preserved Georgian terrace house adjacent to Kensington Gardens. The hotel provides a wonderful balance of quality and comfort at an affordable price. All of the city's top sights, sounds, and activities, including art galleries, museums, and, of course, London's renowned nightlife, are easily accessible from the hotel's prime position.

Yes, there are a tonne of fantastic bars and eateries around. All of the rooms are well-lit, cosy, and tastefully furnished. There are secretarial, faxing, photocopying, and courier services accessible for business travellers.

There are a lot of other perks and benefits you get while you are there; to see all of them, you need to visit the hotel yourself and experience the comfort that you will remember forever! 

Standard room at the Gresham Hotel

The standard room in the Gresham Hotel has all the amenities you would expect from it. It has an ensuite bathroom that is well maintained and cleaned, as well as access to wifi so you can stay connected to the internet. The room has the luxury of a microwave and refrigerator to help you keep your food warm and heat it depending on your preferences.

Every standard room has a satellite TV to help you keep track of the worldwide news and also consume your favourite content whenever you want. Every room is designed to provide you with a comforting experience, and the bedsheets are made of linen to help you get peaceful and comforting sleep. This can serve as last last-minute London hotel choice for you especially; when you do not have any other options!

  • The Phoenix Hotel in Bayswater/Paddington

The Phoenix Hotel is located about 500 metres from Bayswater and Queensway Underground Stations and a 5-minute' walk from Hyde Park. A continental breakfast is provided at the conventional hotel. Each of the spacious, light-filled guestrooms has a private, up-to-date bathroom with a hairdryer.

A satellite TV and tea and coffee-making amenities are provided in every room. There is free WiFi available everywhere. Fresh coffee and a variety of cereals are part of the daily continental breakfast that is provided in the dining area of the Phoenix Hotel. Additionally, a cosy lounge bar with drinks and light fare is available.

Options for a full English breakfast are available for an extra fee. The Phoenix Hotel is surrounded by stores, pubs, and eateries in the centre of vibrant Bayswater.

  • Alexandra Hotel

If you are looking for cheap places to stay in London, the Alexandra Hotel might just be the place you are looking for. Just like the other motels, the Alexandra Lodge is likewise traditionally decorated in a Victorian-style style to give you a feeling of the wealthy history of London. The rooms encompass a TV, smartphone, and coffeemaker.

Every room has a private restroom with a hairdryer. In the morning, you get a light and healthy breakfast in the furious and comforting ecosystem of the eating room, brimming with shiny daylight. The breakfast consists of cereal, cheese, toast, and hot dogs.

In terms of lunch and night food, you may simply get out on the street and enjoy something you like from the cafes.

The Alexandra Lodge is located in the centre of London, only a stroll away from the popular Madame Tussauds. The railway station is merely a five-minute walk away, and you could additionally visit the London Zoo, which isn't far from here either.

All in all, you could get to revel in the beauty of London in its purest form even while there!

  • St Athans Hotel

The St. Athans Motel is a family-owned and operated motel that prides itself on its simplicity and cleanliness. As a cheap hotel in London, it's simply situated within walking distance of a ramification of sights, together with the British Museum, the College of London, and the brand new British Library.

Loose WiFi is available at some points of the resort, and guests can take advantage of the luggage garage facilities furnished. The resort provides rooms with shared restroom centres that include showers and toilets. The inn is located within Bloomsbury, which was once home to famous writers such as Charles Dickens and Virginia Woolf.

The hotel is made up of several Georgian townhouses, each with its particular style and original functions. Guests can also revel in the lounge vicinity, which provides an exquisite place to loosen up. St. Athans is only a brief bus trip away from the West End, which is known for its many shops, theatres, and sights, including Madame Tussauds.

  • Saint George’s Hotel

St. George's is a hotel located inside restored nineteenth-century Victorian buildings. It gives you lots of perks and blessings as a reasonably priced London resort. It's without problems located only a 10-minute walk from Victoria railway and train stations.

The general public's guest rooms preserve their authentic duration functions, along with high ceilings and Georgian windows, adding an extra touch of appeal to the lodges.

Every room has an en suite bathroom, a flat-display satellite TV for PC television, and centres for making tea or espresso. There are various bars and eating places in the nearby vicinity, providing guests with lots of dining options. The lounge vicinity is a tremendous spot to loosen up with its glass walls and secure seating. Pimlico tube station is only a five-minute stroll from the station, making it easy to get around.

  • Soho Garden Apartments

The Soho Garden Apartments in London are located in the Westminster Borough district, just a 5-minute walk from Bodean's BBQ, a great barbecue spot. They are quite affordable and they provide you with very good value for your money. This venue offers free Wi-Fi throughout the apartment.

The 13.7-tonne Big Ben Bell is less than 2 km away, and the Coca-Cola London Eye Riverside Observation Wheel is about 2 km away. It takes just a 15-minute walk to reach the centre of London.

There are many local restaurants within 75 metres of the property, with most serving American cuisine. You can reach the Protestant Westminster Abbey in just a couple of minutes by car.

The in-room facilities include a flat-screen TV with satellite channels, a work desk, and a television. For your comfort, hairdryers, towels, and bath sheets are available. Guests can make use of a microwave, a washing machine, and an electric kettle. Tottenham Court Road tube station is just 450 metres away from the venue.

People Asked For: Cheap Hotels in London:

  • What is the cheapest town to stay in London?

The cheapest place to live in London is havering at the moment, it has an average rent of about 1200pcm. It has a lower population density than most of the London boroughs which makes it more lust and green due to open scenery and spaces. 

  • What is the best area to stay in London?

Westminster and St. James are the most important areas in London; they are actually the places where the actual city of London began, so they have a lot of historical significance, and they also have a lot of progress in the modern world. Due to its Victorian-style architecture, it truly represents London in its purest form.

  • Where is the best place in London to stay with children?

South Kensington is a great location to stay with your kids when visiting London. It is a vibrant and exciting neighbourhood that is part of the larger Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea. This area is home to some of London's best museums and attractions, which makes it the perfect place to keep your little ones entertained.


To sum up, there are various places where you can go once you are in London, and with the above-mentioned places, you at least have an idea of what to choose and where to go depending on your place and your stay. All these hotels are extremely affordable options for you. Now,  based on your budget and preferences, you can take your pick and enjoy your tip as much as you can!

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