5 Best Five Star Luxury Hotels in London,UK in 2023

  By - Eagan Taylor    On Sep 06, 2023

5 Best Five Star Luxury Hotels in London,UK in 2023

A Thorough Guide on the Features and Facilities of the Best Five-Star Luxury Hotels in London 2023:

A Must-Read for the Coming London Staycation.

One Aldwych 5 star hotel in london

London, one of the most bustling capital cities in the world, has a lot to offer when it comes to saying goodbye to the daily grind and booking yourself a luxury hotel. From embodying famous period features in architecture to offering modern spa facilities, London has everything you may need on your coming staycation.

Where the metropolis has a lot to offer, it even outclasses Dubai when it comes to five-star luxury hotels. We know you are on vacation and you don’t want to go through the never-ending reviews of these hotels, this is why we have narrowed all the options into this list of top five-star luxury hotels in London 2023.

Our suggestions are inclusive of our all-time favourite One Aldwych (you might want to consider this one if your pet likes you enough to accompany you on your vacations) since Aldwych accommodates pets with just as much love. Similarly, if you are looking for a luxury hotel that could give you a pure London vibe, you do not want to miss out on Langham Hotel Eastbourne. Now if you are ready to spoil yourself this holiday season, gear up to explore the five-star luxury hotels we have come up with to make this decision easy for you!

What are the Best Five Star Hotels in London?

Before we delve into the details, let us give you a quick glimpse of our favourite five-star luxury hotels in London 2023;

  • Hotel Café Royal

hotel café royal

If you are willing to splash the cash, this one could be the perfect choice. It comprises 21st-century style bedrooms, carrying a West End theme, and are sure to come at par with the finest luxury hotels in London.

  • One Aldwych

The special aspect of this hotel is the way it presents a beautiful mixture of Asian and Western architecture. Since it is located close to the Royal Opera and London Museum, this can be a plus point for people who would love an exuberant view of London, with all its glory and aesthetic beauty!

  • Langham Hotel Eastbourne

You are planning on visiting London and have not seen Victorian architecture yet (nope, we are not going to believe that). We are sure that you cannot forget the magic and tradition this trope of architecture carries once you have lived in Langham’s and gotten a firsthand experience!

  • Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, Knightsbridge

Do you want to make a smart choice and save money instead of splurging on travelling from one tourist location to another? Choose this one, for Mandarin, is not only located close to Hyde Park but also lies within walking distance from the city's best theatres and shopping malls.

  • London Hilton on Park Lane

Who would not want to wake up to the view of the River Thames flowing and sunrise at London Bridge? London Hilton has a lot to offer you, especially for the holidays when you want to stay in luxurious yet Best Budget Hotels In London.

Best Deals on 5-Star Hotels in London:

While you go through these five-star hotels in London, let us tell you that you might want to hasten because they have exclusive deals coming up. For instance, the Hotel Café Royal is letting its customers enjoy a free Akasha treatment worth £75 on staying for more than two nights in a row. Similarly, One Aldwych is eager to give its customers £150 worth of balance for free food in the offer called “Suite Family Life”. The same goes for the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park which is giving you a massive 50% discount on the second room if you book two rooms. All these 5-star hotels in London keep offering deals on their websites so don’t forget to check those when finalizing the hotel.

Now let us get back to the discussion and give you a more elaborate view of what you should expect when you stay in the above-mentioned hotels.

  • Hotel Café Royal

The Hotel Café Royal is located on the famous Regent Street, and choosing this one would mean staying in the lap of luxury with all the tourist locations present at arm’s length.

  • Hotel Café Royal London Afternoon Tea

Who would not love to sit in a mirrored room, with world-class architecture and get served with the delicacies prepared by Europe’s best chefs? Yes, all this and more you can experience in Hotel Café Royal London Afternoon Tea, and that too for just £70 per person.

  • One Aldwych

One Aldwych has everything that a true London lover is going to need, an 18-meter chlorine-free swimming pool and a 30-seat screening room to let you experience the luxury at its peak.

  • One Aldwych Afternoon Tea

One Aldwych offers an afternoon tea inspired by Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Tea and lets you escape the real world for good. From all the finest drinks to the costly desserts, there is a greater chance you are never going to move on from this experience.

  • The Ritz London Afternoon Tea

The Ritz London Afternoon’s tea is usually compared with One Aldwych so we thought it better to bring both at one place for your convenience. The Ritz offers you scrumptious tea cakes and pastries layered with delicious toppings with a separate tea arrangement for kids and adults. With Mozart being played in the background, this afternoon tea is worth every buck of your hard-earned money.

  • Langham Hotel Eastbourne

The one feature that makes this hotel worthy of being in the top five-star luxury hotels in London 2023 is the way it combines work and beach mode. Yes, you read it right, Langham Hotel lets you savour the European sunlight and if you want to attend some important meeting, they have a grand conference room ready for their customers.

  • The Langham London Afternoon Tea

What makes people fall in love with this hotel’s afternoon tea is how it not only lays pies made with 100% pure cotton cheese and cream-filled croissants on the table but also has a separate menu for people with different health conditions.

  • Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park London

Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park London is all about class. With various hotels worldwide, this one has come up with a touching fusion of Asian and Western traditions that make it stand apart from the rest of the options.

In addition to all this, Mandarin gives its customers the finest quality dining and tea experience which is worth every buck of yours. Booking Mandarin could be the best way to get a feel of one of the best five-star luxury hotels in London.

  • London Hilton on Park Lane

The reason that London Hilton can be considered as one of the cardinal budget hotels in London 2023 is that it comprises 1100 bedrooms and you have got a big range of choices to choose from.

Irrespective of your budget, this hotel offers you one-of-a-kind four-themed bars, a perfectly equipped gym, and an impressive conference room. These are the features that make London Hilton an attractive choice even for the people who want a luxurious experience but are not in the position to afford it.

langham hotel eastbourne in london

How Many Five-Star Hotels Are There in London?

As discussed above, London has more than 100 luxury hotels to offer you and this is the exclusive reason that even Dubai lags behind it in this race. London because of its luxury hotels has become one of the busiest metropolises in no time. For the people who wish to find a luxury hotel in a pocket-friendly range, let us assure you that you are going to find plenty of amazing options. Get ready to have the best staycation of your life and that too, is an unprecedented luxurious one!

Why are London Hotels so Expensive?

Hotels in London are expensive because they are offering their customers a lot in their price range. The best 5-star luxury hotels in London 2023 do not stop at providing you with Good Food to eat and a comfortable bed to sleep in. No, they have attempted to define luxury in the best way possible. They have a special ambience to offer you, services that are going to make you feel like royalty and facilities that can give you a lifetime of experience.


To sum it all up, the best five-star luxury hotels in London 2023 deserve to be on the list for the wide array of facilities and services unthinkable to the human brain they have come up with. The metropolis has become the centre of attention in the past years for the exuberance and luxury that was considered in designing hotels such as One Aldwych or even Hotel Café Royal.

The humongous swimming pools, beautifully designed ceilings of the dining room, and a lavishly laid table for afternoon tea, collectively make the luxury hotels in London worth every second of your time and every buck of your money. 

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