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How Long Does It Take To Renovate A Bathroom In The UK 2024?

  By - Eagan Taylor    On Dec 28, 2023

How Long Does It Take To Renovate A Bathroom In The UK 2024?

It takes 25 days to Renovate A Bathroom In The UK. This is the duration that you should have in mind especially if you have a spacious bathroom. For people with smaller bathrooms, you can take away a week from this duration and that will be just as accurate. Renovating a bathroom includes upgrading the plumbing work to installing new electrical fixtures.

These services can be super time-consuming which is why it is always a good idea to have a rough duration in mind. We have come up with a handy guide to break down this duration into important stages. This will help you see which aspect is taking more time in comparison to others.

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The Bathroom Remodelling Process:

The crucial factors of the bathroom remodeling process are mentioned below. We have carefully explained the time each process takes and the reasons behind it. This will help you get a better idea of how much time you should have on hand for your bathroom revamp.

  • Demolition

Demolition is the basic process that serves as the starting point of bathroom renovations. Now let us tell you that this process can take as long as one hour to two days. This is because it all depends on you and the kind of renovation you are looking forward to.

For people who want to go with a small-scale renovation, it will just take one hour. It is because your renovation will require just removing the sink or changing the wallpaper and that is all.

However, for the people who want to try out a full-fledged renovation, it can take up to two days. This is because the renovators will be starting from the very scratch. From flooring to the light fixtures, everything will need to be revamped.

This is why this process will take longer than the regular one. Remember, the professionals will charge you following all these extensive demolishing steps.

  • Plumbing And Electrical Work

Plumbing and electrical work can take as much as one to four days. It all depends on the schedule of your renovator as well. For example, if the company is working only on your project, it will not take more than two days. However, if your renovator is also working on other projects in the neighborhood, expect some delay in this process.

This is why to be on the safe side, you should give this phase at least four days. These days will also include Inspecting Your Bathroom Properly so that there are no loopholes in the renovation plans.

Moreover, if you want to change the place of your sink, the process can take longer. The same goes for people who want to upgrade the electrical connections in their bathroom. Changing the whole electrical layout can take hours and this will add to the overall duration as well.

  • Insulation, Drywall And Painting

Insulation, drywall, and painting can take two days. Let us tell you that if you are planning for only the painting job, it will not take more than a day. It is because the professionals are fast at providing the painting services. This is why for this kind of service; you do not have to expect any disruption in your routine.

However, when it comes to starting from the very drywall removal stage, the process can take a long time. This is because the experts will first remove the drywall. Then, they will insulate it. Afterwards, they will be painting it. Now you can imagine the hours all these services can take.

This is why it is always a good idea to give this step at least two days so that you are not disappointed if it takes longer than you expected. The professional companies will also guide you to do the same so that you are mentally prepared for this.

  • Flooring And Tiling

Flooring And Tiling for Bathroom Remodelling In The UK2024

Flooring and tiling come with different durations for their completion. For instance, flooring can take one to two days depending on the type of flooring you want. For basic vinyl floors, you will not have to wait for more than one day.

However, for the concrete flooring, the process can last for as long as two days. This is the reason that choosing conventional flooring is a good idea if you do not have a lot of time to spend on the extensive tiling phase.

This brings us to tiling and the seven days it takes during the renovation days. We suggest you stick with this number because tiling can be super tiring.

It all starts with leveling the walls and floors, waiting for them to get dry and all. These are the aspects that make this a lengthy process.

  • Fixtures And Finishing Touches

Fixtures and finishing touches can take two days approximately. Installing the fixtures is a walk in the park especially if you are done with setting up the electrical layout during the bathroom renovation. The finishing touches here mean placing the sink back in its place or making the final plumbing checkups for the leaks.

One thing that you should not forget amidst all this is that all these durations are not inclusive of the permits you might require. This is why it is always a smart choice to get a professional company on board. Such companies are experienced in providing such Services And Helping Clients Apply For Fast Permits.

Bathroom renovation will take little time or effort especially if you are determined to get done with it in a faster way. All you have to do is let your renovation company know about your commitment to time and it will take care of everything.

FAQs About Bathroom Remodelling Process:

  • How Long Does A Full Bathroom Renovation Take?

A full bathroom renovation can take up to 25 days. These days include starting everything from scratch. It is more equivalent to setting up a new bathroom. However, there is one important thing to know about these 25 days. It is that certain stages require time for the drying process.

For instance, painting or tiling can require some time to get dry. These days are inclusive of these drying processes as well. This is why you do not have to panic when a professional company demands this much time for bathroom refurbishment.

  • How Long Does A Small Bathroom Renovation Take?

A small bathroom renovation takes at least 23 days. We know it can be confusing especially when it is a small bathroom we are talking about. These 23 days include doing all the Basic Renovation Services from point zero. When you are thinking of installing a new electrical layout, it does not matter what is the size of your bathroom.

The professionals will be putting in just as much time as is typically required for such services. From plumbing to painting, these days will be enough to give a new life to your small bathroom.

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