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How Often Passenger Lifts And Hoists Are Serviced In The UK? (NOV 2023)

  By - Eagan Taylor    On Nov 23, 2023

How Often Passenger Lifts And Hoists Are Serviced In The UK? (NOV 2023)

A lift should be serviced in the UK once every six months to prevent the damage done by the daily wear and tear. The lifts have made everyday life easier than ever, but how are they supposed to keep working if you do not spend a penny on their functioning? This is the reason that lift servicing has become the need of the hour during these times.

These services include proper cleaning and expert lubrication of the lift’s parts. Moreover, you can also hire a visual inspection team to trace out the root of the problem. The counterweights, cables, and pulleys are checked and adjusted as well.

Hence, these services cannot be avoided when it comes to enhancing the performance of the lift. Keep scrolling to explore it till the end;

What Is Lift Servicing?

Lift servicing is a process that is inclusive of Hiring Lift Engineersto help you out with the maintenance and upkeep of the lifts. These professionals are unparalleled at coming up with maintenance plans that will complement your lifts. Such experts are pro at pointing out potential errors so that there is no need to fear unexpected breakdowns.

Likewise, the servicing can also help you see if there is any part of the lift that requires maintenance. Let it be whichever form of lift; maintenance and servicing can never be compromised to ensure the optimal functioning of the lifts.

Do Lifts Have To Be Serviced?

The lifts have to be serviced at all costs. The regular servicing of these lifts is essential to check the functionality of door interlocks or even emergency brakes. Gone are the days when these lifts would be left on their own. The best thing about lift maintenance is that it does not cost an arm and a leg.

Timely fixes of lift glitches can make sure that you do not have to deal with any unforeseen charges. It can also be a good way to see if the lift needs more lubrication or not. Hence, it is mandatory to seek professional help to always keep your lifts ready to be used.

How Often Should A Lift Be Serviced?

A lift should be serviced at least twice a year. It all depends on what kind of lift we are talking about. For instance, there are cargo lifts, passenger lifts, and other types of lifts as well.

This guide makes sure to discuss each lift separately along with its maintenance routine so that you have a better understanding of all of this. The lifts require constant attention since they are used daily and are more vulnerable to damage.

The usual repairs for such lifts do not cost a fortune. However, leaving them unaddressed can certainly compel you to go for the back-breaking services.

  • How Often Should Passenger Lifts Be Serviced?

How Often Passenger Lifts And Hoists Are Serviced In The UK NOV 2023

The passenger lifts should be serviced every 3 to 6 months. This is important for the safety assurance of the passengers. Since such lifts are in constant usage, they are more exposed to daily wear and tear.

Being vigilant about the maintenance and servicing of these lifts can make sure that the passengers do not have to come across any mishaps. It is also useful in checking out if such lifts meet the criteria for the safety regulations in the UK or not.

Lift Servicing is the best way to keep all the breakdowns at bay. This is one such factor that can make the lives of building occupants easier than ever if the passenger lift is in a building. Keeping an eye on the small damages of these lifts will ensure that they do not turn into costly repairs. Such lifts demand full-fledged focus and maintenance sessions.

  • How Often Should A Hoist Be Serviced?

A hoist should be serviced every 12 months to make sure that it depicts its optimal performance. This servicing can also add to the improvement of its safety features. This is the biggest perk of keeping the hoists maintained so that they become less vulnerable to accidents.

Likewise, a hoist’s maintenance session is also important to protect the operators themselves as well. Servicing the hoists can be an essential factor when it comes to increasing their longevity.

Similarly, hoists are directly involved in workplace safety. This is the reason you can never compromise on them if you want to make your workplace safer than ever before. Hiring a professional for the maintenance can also help in doing away with its lubrication needs.

All these factors can collectively add to the functionality of the hoist. This is what you need to make sure that your workflow does not come across any interruption.

  • How Often Should Goods Lifts Be Serviced?

The good lifts should be serviced every 3 to 6 months. This servicing depicts huge importance when it comes to avoiding the premature wear of the parts. Investing in such services can be the best way to make sure that you do not have to come across costly repairs in the future as well.

The goods lift, also known as the cargo lift requires a greater degree of efficiency. This is only possible when you are spending on the lift’s maintenance and upkeep.

If your work involves material handling operations, you cannot take any risk with such lifts. Taking care of these lifts can also make sure that the operators and your employees are not putting their lives at stake.

Having a properly documented maintenance routine is what you need to avoid any such accidents involving these lifts. The experts have a keen eye for the early detection of lift damage. This is something that can take the maintenance of such lifts to the next level.

  • Who Can Perform Elevator Maintenance?

Technicians with proper certifications should perform Elevator Maintenance. This is not a job that can be assigned to just anybody. This is why only experts should be given access especially when it is about the passenger elevators.

Such technicians are aptly equipped with the latest equipment which can increase both the longevity and the safety of the elevators. Elevator servicing can take a toll on your budget but it is worth every buck because of its direct role in ensuring the safety of the people using it.

The emergency brakes and sensors of these elevators are usually at a greater risk of catching rust or even corrosion. This is why maintaining these elevators should always be a priority to make sure that they do not have to encounter sudden breakdowns.

Likewise, this maintenance can also help in ensuring that your elevator meets all the safety regulations of the UK.

  • How Much Does A Lift Service Cost?

A lift service can cost from £90 to £200 for one service session in the UK. The lift service is not that expensive, especially if your lifts are always well-maintained and properly serviced. The lift technicians you hire are capable of tracing out the smallest of the lift glitches in a fraction of the time.

Their expertise is next level, and they can be a godsend if you do not want anyone to get hurt while using your lifts. This is the reason that it is always a smart choice to remain in constant touch with the routine maintenance sessions of your lift.

Since the lift service cost is not that high, you do not have to resort to DIY tricks when it comes to such jobs. However, if you go for these sessions once in a blue moon, then be ready to spend a fortune.

The lifts can become vulnerable to daily wear and tear since they are subjected to constant usage. This is why it is important to stay updated about the upkeep of the lift service. 

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