Local SEO Success: How Relevance Impacts Your Business Visibility

  By - Eagan Taylor    On Oct 06, 2023

Local SEO Success: How Relevance Impacts Your Business Visibility

This article will help you understand how you can rank your business with the help of local SEO. It will explain the key points involved in local SEO success focusing on how the relevance of your business directory impacts the visibility and ranking.

If you’re someone who has started a business and is struggling to get potential results on Google, keep reading. With this guide, you can learn tips and tricks to make your business more visible in the local Google search engine.

What Is Local SEO?

SEO is defined as Search Engine Optimization, Local SEO means optimizing your business in such a way that it is more visible in local search results. If you own a business that has an office in a local area, then local SEO can benefit you in attracting customers and growing your business. 

  • Role of Local SEO in Digital Marketing

The world is becoming more digital with the passing days, you can no longer rely on old methods like using paper ads to boost the growth of your business. People are more connected to digital media, and if you lack a presence on digital media that means your business is bound to fail.

Local SEO has a major role in digital marketing, it advertises your business on different digital platforms. A Successful Digital Marketing Strategy backed up with local SEO reaches the customers easily and quickly which will lead to the success of your business. 

  • How Local SEO Differs From Traditional SEO?

Local SEO is a bit different than traditional SEO. As the name says, local SEO is based on a certain location or area whereas traditional SEO is done without any aim to focus on any location. It is broader and targets a global or national audience, however local SEO targets only local customers.

Relevance in Local SEO:

Relevance in local SEO is defined as how much the information on your business website is related to the query of a searcher. When a person searches for their query, the search engine assesses it and finds only relevant information that matches the query.

If the intent of your brand is clear and the information it provides is true, there is a high chance Google find it relevant.

  • Why Relevance Is a Critical Ranking Factor in Local SEO

The more relevant your information is to a user search, the higher the chance of ranking. It is important to provide the right data with accurate info about the location, number, name, and services you provide.

It will give search engines a better understanding and relevance about what you do and where you are located. So, based on your location, it will rank your business within that area.

For example, a customer searches for home renovation services near me in Glasgow. If you run a business for these services and your website has accurately mentioned the related information. Then, the search engine will find relevance in your business and will rank it higher among other results. 

Key Elements of Relevance in Local SEO:

  • Keywords and Their Placement

Keywords are the ideas that explain what your content is about, keywords play an important role in increasing your business relevance. In other words, they are the phrases a user frequently searches, so, if you have used those keywords in your content it will become more relevant to the user’s search queries. 

Local keyword research gives you an idea of what your target audience is looking for. Once you optimize your business in a way that matches their search, the relevance is increased.

  • Content Quality and Localization

It is not only about keywords, it is also about the quality of content you provide. If your content quality is poor and you have just used all the keywords without any sense, it will lead to keyword stuffing. This won’t ever rank your business and make it more visible. Proper written content that is clear and easy to read is the key to relevance in local SEO.

There is no point in creating a website for your business if you’re not adding its location. If you haven’t provided a location, there is no chance that your business will be visible to local searchers. Google relies on the data you provide, if it is clear and updated, it will boost relevance in local SEO.

  • On-Page Optimization

Webpages should be easy and user-friendly. Search engines find answers to the user’s queries by keywords and other on-page SEO elements. There are certain tips by which you can optimize your on-page SEO to boost relevance like:

  1. Create a well-designed page.
  2. Write unique content with proper keyword placement.
  3. Use relevant keywords in meta title, description, and headings.
  4. Add links and images
  5. Write content with headings and subheadings
  • User Experience and Mobile-Friendliness

Smartphones and mobiles are now accessible to everyone, user searches through their mobiles. So, your webpage should be mobile-friendly, it should be easy to load and read. If the user experience of your website is rich, the relevance will be richer. 

  • Google My Business (GMB) Optimization

Google My Business (now known as Google Business Profile) allows you to list your business on Google. This listing gives customers an easy way to reach out to your store, make purchases, or contact you. Google is the most used search engine, if your business is listed on it that will have a positive impact on the success.

Role of GMB in Local SEO

If you search for any business on Google, a small block on the right side will appear explaining the details of the business. This block is known as Google My Business. If you have a listing on GMB, it will enhance the visibility of your local business. To grow the sales and productivity of your company, it is better to get your company in the local GMB listing.

Tips for Optimizing Your GMB Listing for Relevance

Certain tips can help you optimize your GMB listing for relevance, these are:

  • Business Name:

If you use the correct business name with the addition of certain keywords, Google will rank your business higher.

  • Local Phone Number:

How can you prove that you are a business running locally, if you haven’t used a local number? Use a local number for a particular region or area.

  • Working Hours:

Always mention the actual working hours so that your user can contact you within them. This will create a pleasant user experience.

  • Describe Your Business:

A short description of your company and the major services you provide will brief the customers. It will allow the user to check if you’re what they were looking for.

  • Add Videos and Photos:

Use high-resolution videos and photos of your company. You can add any videos or photos, be it interior or exterior.

  • Local Keyword Research

Local keywords are of significant importance because they help to rank your website higher in search engines. A user residing in a location won’t be able to reach your webpage if you haven’t used local keywords. Google ranks your website in a particular location if you have used the relevant local keywords. This will help you in reaching out to the target audience more easily.

  • How to Conduct Effective Local Keyword Research?

There are various methods by which you can conduct effective local keyword research. The best way to perform a local keyword research are:

    • Find services-related local keywords:

First and foremost, determine what your business is about and what services you offer. Search for the services in Google and you’ll see a “related search bar”. This search bar tells you all about what the local audience is searching for. You can use these phrases as keywords for your content.

    • Use Keyword Modifiers:

Keyword modifiers include terms like “near me” or “in my area”. These are phrases especially targeting a location or area. 

    • Check the Auto-complete bar:

Google often auto-suggests ideas when you’re searching for something. These autocompleted searches can be effective keywords you can use.

  • Tools and Strategies for Keyword Research

There is always an easy way to do things, modern tools and strategies help you in finding local keywords easily. Different tools like Google Keyword Planner, or SERP tracking tools are easy to use and let you find local keywords for any area. 

  • NAP Consistency (Name, Address, Phone Number)

NAP is a short form for name, address, and phone number. As mentioned before, Google relies on the info you provide. If the data is accurate, relevance is better. It is important to maintain NAP consistency because it enhances user experience and your business’s credibility.

If you are inconsistent, the user will get confused when they reach out to you which will in turn create bad reviews. These reviews focus on the quality of services you provide giving you a better lead-in audience and a better ranking in search engines.

  • Citations And Backlinks

Citations and backlinks serve as a vote of confidence for your business. If you have used backlinks that are high-quality, it creates the concept that your services are credible and the best.

It also generates more audience towards your webpage. Citations, on the other hand, are the key tool for local businesses. It increases the visibility of your business in local search engines.

  • Customer Reviews

Successful businesses operate on word of mouth. Customer satisfaction will generate more customers, and their poor experience will slow down your business. Reviews let a user see the quality and performance of your business. The more you have better customer reviews, the more is a chance of gaining more customers. 

  • Case Studies And Examples

Google is filled with case studies and examples of businesses that put Local SEO to the best of their use and ranked highest among their location. One such example is of towing company, Asikin Towing. With proper utilization of local SEO keywords and optimization of on-page SEO, they have ranked their webpage among the top search results.

  • Measuring And Monitoring Relevance

It is meaningful to keep a check on the relevance of your keywords. People are evolving, their searches are changing too. Your webpage will keep ranking until you stay relevant to user's search queries. Keyword search tools will help you monitor and measure relevance.


The reason behind the success of local SEO resides in the relevance of your data and better optimization of local keywords. An accurate keyword search can help you identify what users are looking for.

Optimizing your webpage in such a way that it includes high-quality content with proper structuring of keywords will build a better user experience. Being relevant and consistent to the data your webpage provides will increase the visibility of your business.

This article guided you about ways you can increase your business ranking and visibility. So, don’t wait any further and enhance the relevance of your local business with the provided tips and tricks!

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