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Why People prefer to Order Pizza Online?

On Dec 29, 2022

Why People prefer to Order Pizza Online?

Order pizza delivery services have taken the world by storm. Who would like to leave their warm and comfy beds this winter to dine out? Well, you will if you like it. Technological advancement has transformed the food & drink industry. You can have your ready-made, customized food at your doorstep, which only takes a few swipes and clicks.

Pizza is the most common and readily accessible food to order online. Getting pizza in a blink of an eye, instead of spending hours and breaking your back in cooking, is a shrewd and time-saving yet palatable approach.

Besides this effortless procedure, there are many more reasons to order pizza online. As people prefer to get their food delivered, especially pizzas.

In this blog, we will take you through the reasons for this trend:

Online Pizza Delivery V/S Eating It in a Restaurant

There are plenty of reasons why online pizza delivery is better than eating it in a hotel or restaurant. Let's compare and choose the best way for you:

1. Cost

Having a fine-dine outside can cost more than what you expect in an in-home meal. Let’s be honest; in restaurants, the cost is all about luxuries. You can enjoy a regular pizza at a meagre cost, but online delivery can cost you way higher. But because you’re eating the same thing under an extravagant restaurant roof, that, too, excludes the expenses you spend on conveyance. 

2. Hassle-Free Orders

Imagine sitting in your easy-cosy pyjamas and eating pizza delivered online while watching a movie. That sounds soothing. Well, now imagine the flip side when you have to spend hours getting your makeup and hair done, fitting into a fancy dress, going out in traffic, and then reaching a place to have a pizza! How does that sound to you?

Well, the ball is in your court! But here’s a tip, you deserve hassle-free eating!

3. Always Available

Do you remember the peak Covid-19 period? During the outbreak of coronavirus all around the world, restaurants and food points were banned. Due to lockdowns, no one was dining out. That was devastating for the food industry and restaurant owners, except for the ones working online. Yes, people were ordering food from home, and the platforms that were already available online were ahead of the pack. 

Besides the lockdown time, if we see it now, the restaurants are not always readily available. Instead, there will be hundreds of bikers ready to deliver your pizza to you wherever you are. 

4. Coupons, Discounts, and Offers

You would know well how joyful it is to get discounts or free offers on pizzas. You might have come across the discount or buy 1 get one free offer. Such offers are mostly on pizza delivery. Many platforms offer pizza coupons and promos, but that’s not the case when you eat in a well-off restaurant. Even nowadays, you can have your pizza delivered through a promo code or a referral link.

Popular Kinds Of Pizza You Must Try

The popularity of types of pizzas can vary from region to region. However, there are some types of pizza that are considered Universal due to their popularity all over the globe. Should we also believe these pizzas are part of globalization?

Jokes apart!

Here are the Universal pizzas you’ll find equally Popular and liked wherever you go.

1. Cheese Pizza

It's never a shock or surprise to find cheese pizza on top of the list. Its classic taste, unadorned appearance, and simplicity make it the number one choice of pizza lovers. Moreover, like a common dish, you can seamlessly find it anywhere you go - that's its specialty. 

2. Pepperoni Pizza

Well, the round crispy pepperoni is always a tasteful moment in all your pizza experiences. The less processed and spicy pizza with pepperoni topping is widely regarded as one of the most chosen toppings worldwide. Do you like your pepperoni less spiced up? 

3. Veggie Pizza

Pizza is a dish that doesn't leave you high and dry when you are a vegetarian. Veg-loving people can enjoy the most loved pizza with toppings of their favorite seasons and crisped veggies. 

4. Meat Pizza

From BBQ chicken to buffalo - meat, pizza brings a variety of options for foodie people. Meat pizzas are broadly regarded as one of the most favored toppings on pizzas. People like to have their Pizza toppings in various sub-designs and styles when it comes to meat pizza. 

5. Margherita Pizza

The simple outlook, the flavorful topping, and delicious ingredients like basil, tomatoes, Mozzarella cheese, and much more are what make Margherita Pizza one of the most chosen pizza toppings. Do you know, It is one of the pizzas that never runs down in its original country, Italy? If you haven’t tried Margherita Pizza yet, you must knuckle down to it. 


As we have seen through the nitty gritty of online pizza delivery systems and sup in restaurants, you will now have a better idea of what to choose specifically in these winters. Moreover, you can be mindful of giving a shot at the famous pizza toppings all around the world. So decide what suits your taste buds as well as your pocket!

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