When Is Small Business Saturday in UK? History & Importance

  By - Eagan Taylor    On Oct 16, 2023

When Is Small Business Saturday in UK? History & Importance

Small Business Saturday in the United Kingdon in 2023 London will take place on 2nd December, which forms the first shopping Saturday of the month. It was launched by American Express in 2010 to help small businesses.

This non-commercial campaign helps give a Boost To Small Businesses all across the UK. It depicts the core idea of encouraging the local customer base to take a break from shopping in national chains and support the local stores around them.

Just in 2020, more than 15 million UK citizens came out and shopped at the small businesses around them. This helped these small-grade enterprises raise a revenue of more than 1 billion.

We have come up with a guide to discuss everything about it in detail. This will help novice business owners enhance their business growth. Keep scrolling to read further;

What Is the Meaning of Small Business Saturday?

Small Business Saturday means the Saturday that is fixed on a global scale to shop and uplift the small businesses around. It usually takes place on the first Saturday of every December and endorses the idea that small businesses can be as resourceful as multinational chains.

This is why people are urged to go and shop at the local stores around them.

This pause from investing in the bigger chains switches the customer's attention towards the small brands around them. It directly influences their brand awareness and harbors greater foot traffic.

Small Business Saturday in the UK has become one of the most important holidays really fast. It has shown a significant impact on the growth of small businesses and an unprecedented recognition among the local public as well.

It has also become a means for businesses to interact and collaborate with each other for mutual harmony.

What Is the Purpose of Small Business Saturday?

The purpose of Small Business Saturday is to target the Stagnant Growth Of Small Businesses In the United Kingdom. It opens the door to wonderful opportunities for local brands to increase their sales.

This generates more profit and an appreciation for local manufacturing as well. Another important purpose is that it amplifies the job opportunities on a local level. When small businesses are doing good, they are going to need more people around them.

This creates greater employment chances since local enterprises tend to higher from the same place.

Apart from all this, one more purpose that is usually underrated is how the small business Saturday ensures that the income of the community stays in the community. The people of one area are appreciated to invest in the businesses around them.

This will not only give monetary support to the community but will also keep it thriving.

Small Business Saturday History

The history of this day stretches back to 2010 with American Express laying its foundational stone for the first time. American Express in itself is a leading bank holding company that deals in all kinds of cards and entails a customer base of 133.3 million.

Since December carries the most holidays in the whole year, the shopping revenue reaches its peak in this month. This is why this opportunity was made the most out of and the first Saturday was decided to be celebrated as the small business Saturday.

When Is Small Business Saturday?

When Is Small Business Saturday

The small business Saturday will be on the 2nd of December, 2023. Every year, the first Saturday of December is chosen as the small business Saturday. It is considered an annual holiday and depicts a great appreciation among the local masses.

This day is exclusively selected to celebrate the small businesses and help them put up with the economic challenges in the UK.

  • Why Should You Shop in Small Business Saturday?

You should shop in small business on Saturday as a token of appreciation for the local businessmen around you. This can help give a temporary break to cross-border trade and empower small enterprises. Moreover, it can help give a chance to the local suppliers to come up with more ways to serve the community.

This is something that shares a direct impact on bridging the gap between the consumers and the local businesses around them. One big aspect is that the marketplace has become competitive because of the huge number of independent sellers.

This strengthens the chance to get a better product at a cheaper rate.

Similarly, this will also help in experiencing how buying locally without any middleman on the supply chain can instantly make the prices more reasonable for you. This is why it is high time you get ready for a shopping spree on the coming small business Saturday!

Why Is Small Business Saturday Important?

The small business Saturday is important because it gives local consumers a chance to realize their personal responsibility towards endorsing the small business around them. It improves the brand awareness of these businesses and brings them greater customer traffic than ever before.

Moreover, it also gives a chance to these businesses to Advertise Themselves To Their Nearest Target Audience. This day can also be used as a way to market your business and the services you provide to the people around you. 

The local products usually carry this idea of being higher in quality. This is the golden opportunity to inject that angle into your marketing efforts.

The Small Business Saturday can help in nurturing the growth of small businesses and creating greater employment opportunities. One lesser-recognized aspect is that when you intend to sell locally, you can reduce your business's carbon footprint.

This will help you rely on sustainable business practices and connect in a better way with the client base around you.

  • How Do I Get Involved in Small Business Saturday UK Free?

Visiting the Official Website of Small Business Saturday UK and creating a free account can help you get involved in Small Business Saturday UK for free. You can add the details about your business in your profile and it will enlist you in the choices for the small business finder.

This is all it is going to take to help you make the most out of the small business Saturday in the UK on 2nd December of this year. Becoming a member will help you make your business appear among the small businesses in the area.

The organizers will pave the way for the free advertisement of your business. This, in turn, will generate greater revenue and make your business more prone to being chosen by local customers.

This is why waste no time, and head for the free and easy registration on the official site.

Wrap Up:

In conclusion, Small Business Saturday in the United Kingdom is one of the cardinal days to celebrate small businesses and get them in their full bloom. It helps lift the local businesses and raises awareness among the public about the importance of supporting the local market.

This day can also serve as a source of free advertisement for small enterprises. This will help them save money on excessive and redundant advertising. Moreover, this Saturday will also help in improving the customer base and generating more organic foot traffic for the local stores. This is why get your business registered on the official website and become a member of it in a fraction of a second!

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